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G-Series Feller Buncher Walk-around

Rob Pentesco, product manager for Tigercat wheel feller bunchers takes us on a walk-around of the 700G-series. Watch this video to learn about the key features and benefits of owning a Tigercat drive-to-tree feller buncher.

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Mechanized Teak Harvesting

José Carlos Rocha Filho, marketing and commercial manager at Latin Equipment Norte, explores the mechanization of teak plantation harvesting in southeastern Mexico.

Mechanizing Teak

Brazil’s 4M Agroflorestal seeks to mechanize teak harvesting operations

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Fire Safety for Feller Bunchers and Mulchers

Compared to other mobile industrial machines, equipment used in forestry has an above average risk of being damaged or destroyed by fire. Take the right steps to minimize the risk of fire. Learn more about best practices.

buncher fire safety

724G Feller Buncher

Watch the Tigercat 724G drive-to-tree feller buncher cutting timber in North Carolina with the 5702 felling saw.

724G Feller Buncher in Georgia

Watch the Tigercat 724G drive-to-tree feller buncher with 5702 felling saw cutting timber near Davisboro, Georgia.

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