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LH822D with 575 Bushfire Salvage

Watch the LH822D equipped with a 575 harvesting head. This unit has the 8,2 metre (27 ft) boom option for better stability and lift capacity. It is working in the Green Hills region of southern NSW where approximately 52 000 hectares (128,500 acres) of plantation Radiata pine was damaged by bushfires in 2020.

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Operator Feedback 575 Harvesting Head

Australian operators provide feedback on the Tigercat LH822D harvester equipped with the 575 harvesting head in bush fire salvage operations in NSW.

H855C and 575: Get-R-Done

The roadside processing operation of Get-R-Done in Saskatchewan. Two Tigercat H855C harvesters equipped with 575 harvesting heads processing crooked, limbed poplar.

Roadside Processing in Georgia

Harry Sanders talks about optimizing logs and multiple sorts. Learn how Harry is getting the job done with a Tigercat H250D processor coupled with the Tigercat 575 harvesting head.

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