The 575 harvesting head is productive and reliable in a variety of demanding applications and tree profiles, including in-stand harvesting, roadside processing, multi-stem pulpwood and eucalyptus debarking.

With independent knife arms, the 575 harvesting head excels in tough timber with large limbs and poor stem form. Optional timed knives are available for easier picking in roadside processing applications.

Three-two drive: speed and power

With Tigercat’s patented three-two drive system, you no longer have to sacrifice top speed to get powerful feeding. The 575 starts in 3WD, maximizing feed force for faster acceleration and to quickly power through bigger trees. As the load drops, it automatically shifts to 2WD, improving efficiency and increasing feed speed up to 30%. The system shifts back and forth seamlessly with no operator input required. Full manual independent drive control is also available.


Key Benefits

  • Larger diameter hoses and larger capacity valves than similar class heads to match the greater hydraulic flow and power of Tigercat harvester carriers
  • Robust design, high quality components for high duty cycles and long life
  • Precise diameter and length measuring
  • Efficient hydraulics for high performance, efficiency and improved carrier component life


575 harvesting head: mixed stand
H855C and 575: Get-R-Done


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