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890 Logger Operator Feedback

BTB visited Vancouver Island, British Columbia and spoke with operator Marty Fladager of Dynamite Logging to get his thoughts on the 890 logger. Equipped with a live heel boom system, Marty is using the machine primarily for shovel logging large timber on varied terrain.

Marty Fladager sits in the cab of his new 890 log loader.

Long-time operator Marty Fladager shoveling timber with the new 890 logger in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

BTB: Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you have been around the logging industry.

Marty: I was born in Vancouver. I went to my first logging camp when I was two-years-old. I’ve been in logging all my life. My dad was a master mechanic for Western Forest Products. He was transferred to Jordan River when I was young so that is when we moved to the Island. I grew up here. And ever since I was little I wanted to be in the woods.


BTB: How long have you been operating forestry equipment?

Marty: Good question. I am 47-years-old, so I have been operating for 27 years now. As soon as I got out of high school, I went straight into running a machine. And I’ve been doing it steady ever since. I have been on log loaders my whole career. My girlfriend actually drives a logging truck. She loves it. She has been driving for about thirteen years now. We actually met in the woods when I was loading her truck.


BTB: What were you operating prior to this?

Marty: Before we got the Tigercat 890 I was running a Madill 3800. I got the 890 after the Pacific Logging Congress show in Oregon last September. I have been running it for about four months now. The machine has 856 hours on it. It is the second 890 that Tigercat has produced, I believe.


BTB: In what type of terrain and wood size are you currently using the 890?

Marty: This is actually fairly flat and this wood is pretty big for second growth. We usually go a lot steeper than this. We use the little guy, the Tigercat LS855, to help out on the steeper ground. They work very well together out here.


BTB: What were your thoughts on Tigercat prior to operating this machine?

Marty: I had never run a Tigercat before, so I didn’t know. I knew that Tigercat was becoming more popular in the area so I was pretty excited when I found out I was getting the 890 model.


890 operator Marty Fladager of Dynamite Logging.

890 operator Marty Fladager of Dynamite Logging.


BTB: What are your thoughts on the 890 so far?

Marty: I really like the cab. It is the best I have been in. The visibility is very good. It has heated and air conditioned seats… I mean that is pretty nice! The longer track frames are very good for climbing. And it is really nice being able to open the machine up and have all the handrails and steps to get around. It makes it very easy to climb all over it. The touch screen display is nice too. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I got the basics. Overall, it is very operator friendly.


BTB: Are you familiar with the RemoteLogTM telematics system on the machine?

Marty: One morning I received a call from our Inland representative telling me I had low coolant on the machine. I didn’t understand how he knew that, but I did have low coolant. I am not very familiar with the system but I can see it being very useful.


BTB: Do you like logging on steep ground?

Marty: I love it. When you have so many years under your belt like I do, you feel very comfortable on steep terrain. And I know my limits. It is not for the average person but I will do whatever needs to get done.


BTB: What feedback can I pass on to the engineers back at the factory?

Marty: So far I am very happy with the whole thing. The machine is very stable front to back having the longer track frames. And it is very operator friendly. You can let them know that.


Tigercat 890 log loader shovel logging mountainside in British Columbia

The second 890 that Tigercat produced, now operating on Vancouver Island.



Interested in learning more about the 890 logger? Visit the product page below. 

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