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Fixed 570 for Complete Control

Brothers Mark and Jason Nordine of Nordine Land Management purchase the first Tigercat 570 fixed harvesting head, fitted to an 822D carrier.

Nordine Land Managementis based in Watersmeet,Michigan near the Michigan-Wisconsin border. It is a two-person operation with Mark running the harvester and Jason running the forwarder. Mark harvests a lot of large hardwood, often close to the road or near powerlines, where he needs complete control of how to lay the tree. “Being able to control the tree is a necessity,” says Mark.

In October 2020, Tigercat dealer Woodland Equipment hosted alive demo that included an H822D harvester equipped with the 575 harvesting head. Mark was instantly impressed by the build quality ofthe Tigercat products. Mark has always run a fixed head, but never a Tigercat. He looked at the 575 and stated, “If you can build me a fixed head like this, that big and heavy, we will buy one.” Woodland and Tigercat brainstormed and told him they would build him a 570 with a 340 degree wrist.


— Mark Nordine, co-owner of Nordine Land Management

Nine months later, Mark cut his first tree with the machine. At the end of July 2022, the machine will be a year old. Mark has put just over 1,000 hours on it so far, commenting, “The wrist has more than enough power, and the head has a lot of delimbing power.Earlier today I delimbed this big gnarly aspen, and it delimbed so well. It also makes a much cleaner piece of wood.”
Tigercat build quality is what sold Mark on the Tigercat brand. “Tigercat builds its equipment very well, I mean very well,” he states. “Especially these harvesting heads. You can tell it is built to last. Other brand heads are going to start cracking apart over time. I looked at many other brands, and nothing else stood out like Tigercat did. When you buy something, you want it to be manufactured the best, and this one is. In my opinion, there is no alternative.”
“Woodland has been great to work with. Another thing I like about the Tigercat support network is the technical support from the factory. If I have a question about the head, someone like Gary MacDonald [factory support representative] will answer the phone. The technical support you get out of Tigercat, I have never seen anything like it.”

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