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More than a Forwarder

Erik Ollas explains how his new 1055C forwarder is more than a machine.

— Jorge Victoria

Sometimes a Tigercat machine is more than just a piece of equipment. It could be the means to provide for a family, or to enable meaningful and fulfilling work. And sometimes it can even strengthen family ties. For the Ollas family, the 1055C forwarder does just that.

A few years back, Erik Ollas got a job operating an excavator for CL Skog, a forestry company in Boda Kyrkby, Sweden. He was building and repairing logging roads. In 2019, after almost two years working for CL Skog, he was asked if he wanted to buy the company’s Tigercat 1055B forwarder. He didn’t hesitate and at the age of 24, Erik established his own logging company, Ovanmyra Rubb & Stubb. Erik explains that Ovanmyra is his hometown. Rubb & Stubb, his friend came up with. It loosely translates as, “We will clear everything,” says Erik with a grin.

After just a year of operating the 1055B, an opportunity arose to upgrade to a 1055C. “I demoed the machine for about a week. When the time was up, I didn’t want to get off of it. The transmission and the engine were the main differences. The 1055C drives smoother. Also, the engine has more constant RPMs when operating the crane so therefore, it will burn less fuel,” says Erik, noting that RemoteLog® helps him track his fuel consumption. “To me, they are two totally different machines.”
Erik says that his 1055C came at the right time. CL Skog wanted him to increase his volume, so it was a good decision to acquire a more productive machine. "This was absolutely a good investment," affirms Erik. “Thanks to the transmission, the speed is more consistent so I can move more effectively through the forest. I can also load a bit more. The size makes it perfect for last thinning and final felling applications. The forwarder is currently being used 60 percent of the time in final felling and 40 percent in thinning.

Erik feels that given its size, the Tigercat 1055C is a perfect machine for thinning. "Some loggers think I should get a bigger forwarder to increase my production. A lot of the land we work on belongs to small landowners. When they see a big forwarder on their land, they get concerned about ground disturbance. But when they see my Tigercat 1055C, they do not worry. This machine is perfect for the application."

The machine is supported by Tigercat AB and Erik’s experience has been positive. "They always answer. Twenty-four-seven. I’m happy with the support. It’s very important to me that when I’m out in the field I can call and they will help me."

Father joins son

In 1994, Erik’s father, Niklas, got his start in the forest industry hand falling and forwarding timber with a tractor and wagon. After several years, he purchased land, farming during summer and logging in winter. Then in 2002, he returned to the forest full time as a forwarder and harvester operator.

Just recently, Niklas told Erik that he was out of a job. “I hired him immediately,” says Erik. His workload had increased to the point where he needed to add an employee for a second forwarder shift. “I kept my dad in mind and wanted an opportunity to bring him on board. Having my father work for me would allow me to work on our farm as well. I hired him the same day he told me he didn’t have a job.”

For the future, Erik would like to keep things as they are. "What I like the most about the forest is the calm it provides. In some way or another, I’ll stay in the forest."

As for Niklas, he plans to keep working in the forest until he can retire. "I want to retire working for my son. It feels good; we get along." A machine can be more than a tool to do a job. It can make a difference in someone’s life.

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