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On the 1165

Jon Cooper is VP engineering for CTL products at Tigercat. He explains some of the unique design features of the 1165 harvester and how these features are benefitting harvesting contractors.

— Jon Cooper

The 1165 is a powerful, premium quality harvester targeted for large timber, high production harvesting applications, and tough terrain conditions. The 1165 is operating successfully in a wide variety of applications throughout the world – rocky terrain in Sweden, tough hardwood forests in Michigan, high production eucalyptus harvesting in Uruguay, and steep slopes in Scotland.

We’ve got a lot of slew torque, more than any competing class harvester. The tilt angles are 18 degrees forward, 24 degrees rearward, and 18 degrees side to side. We biased the rearward angle to optimize downhill harvesting in winch assist applications. In most wheel harvester winch assisted applications, the connection point is at the rear. The 24-degree bias gives a more comfortable operator position, and more slewing functionality, as the slew system sits flatter compared to other harvesters. The 1165 also has more slew power than the other machines in its size class. This really improves productivity in large wood.

The entire crane and cab assembly is built on a rotating turntable. We made a point to design a rotary manifold into the machine to provide 360-degree continuous rotation. This feature is unique among harvesters. Other rotating cab machines have hose bundles running from the chassis to the crane. The hoses wear excessively, requiring frequent service. The rotary manifold eliminates this hose wear. Continuous rotation also increases the working range of the machine.

When doing a large number of sorts, being able to swing further to reach specific sort piles reduces the need to move the machine. If the harvester operator is trying to
increase the density of the piles for the forwarder, swinging further to the rear is a big advantage. When the machine is working over both sides and utilizing the larger slew range, being able to swing over the rear to access other piles or other trees can be beneficial and increase efficiency of movement.

In select harvesting applications where a narrow cut trail winds through the standing trees, being able to drive in reverse with the head hanging over the rear of the machine to exit the forest is a major advantage. When steering down a twisting trail, the head can be swung from side to side over the rear of the machine as the machine is steered through the forest.

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