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480B Mulcher in Brazil

Watch the Tigercat 480B mulcher equipped with the 4061 mulching head at Expoforest 2018 in Brazil. The machine is demonstrating post-harvest mulching of residual material in preparation for replanting.

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Fuel Reduction Trial Faces Ultimate Test

Tigercat 480B mulcher trial commissioned by Forestry Corporation of NSW becomes a whole lot more relevant after devastating Australian bushfires.

480B Mulcher Silviculture and Site Prep

In October 2019, Tigercat and Australian dealer, Onetrak, were involved in a series of mulching trials in the Bago State Forest, NSW. This silviculture trial turned out to be significant in the wake of the devastating bushfires that followed a few months later. Watch to learn more.

480B Mulcher with Prototype 4061 Mulching Head

The Tigercat 480B mulcher equipped with the prototype 4061 mulching head operating in Pennsylvania.

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