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Gerardo Giroz, A Life Dedicated to Steep Slope Logging

Tigercat traveled to central Chile to talk to Gerardo Giroz – owner of Forestal Corte Alto – and see how Tigercat machines are key to his logging operations. Meeting harvesting targets on the steep slopes common to the Chilean geography is no easy task. Gerardo has found Tigercat and Latin Equipment to be reliable partners and fundamental pillars to help his company excel in safer and more productive logging operations.

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Steep Slope Logging in Chile

An update on the processes, technologies and advancements at work in Chile's challenging steep slope and cable assist logging operations.

Steep Slope Harvesting in Chile

Watch Tigercat six-wheel drive skidders and leveling shovel loggers working on cable assist logging operations in Chile.

LS855E Shovel Loggers in Oregon

Two Tigercat LS855E shovel loggers working on steep slopes at the PLC live demo in Oregon. One machine is equipped with a shovel logger boom and grapple and the second machine with a feller director boom and the 5195 directional felling saw.

5195 Directional Felling Saw Walk-around

Tigercat customer support representative, Gary MacDonald discusses the critical design advantages built into the 5195 directional felling saw, a preferred choice for felling heavy timber on steep slopes.

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