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PG Bison Pine CTL

PG Bison was one of the customers featured in the 2012 film ’20’ that coincided with Tigercat’s 20th anniversary. Watch one of the company’s Tigercat CTL systems in 2016.

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Two Sides of a Devalued Coin

South African harvesting contractors run high quality purpose-built forestry machines and have developed the expertise to run them to extremely high hours. Machine longevity is critical as local currency weakens and new replacements are not financially viable.

PG Bison Eight Years Later

BTB revisits PG Bison eight years after purchasing four Tigercat harvesting systems for a new operation in a remote part of South Africa.

Green Fields

Starting from scratch and the story of PG Bison.

Zebra graze a recently harvested compartment in front of PG Bison’s high tech, continuous press board mill.

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