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1085C First Impressions

BTB went to Chibougamau in central Quebec in April to visit with Jocelyn Gagné of Forestier 2P Logging and get his first impressions of his new 1085C forwarder.

1085C Forwarder in Quebec

Watch a 1085C forwarder in action. Owned to Jocelyn Gagne of MULTI 2P Inc. and operating near Chibougamau, Quebec.

1085B Forwarder with low-wide

A Tigercat 1085B forwarder equipped with the low-wide bunk system, Tigercat hooked crane and FG43 grapple. Operating in steep terrain in British Columbia,  the logs are at minimum one tonne to the cubic metre, making for some very hefty loads.

1085B low-wide with Hooked Crane

The 25-tonne capacity Tigercat 1085B forwarder with the low-wide bunk system and the F195T85 hooked crane in Quebec, Canada.

C-series forwarder brochure

Download the C-series forwarder brochure. Explore the cabin and component layout. Learn how great design can benefit your forwarding operations.

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