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F30 Productivity Monitoring System

The Tigercat F30 production monitoring system is intended to manage the workflow of the forwarder operator while maximizing performance and productivity. The Tigercat F30 system improves efficiency and productivity from the stump to the mill.

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RemoteLog Telematics

Off site access to telematics. Be connected to your forestry operation from almost anywhere – all you need is RemoteLog, and a device with internet connectivity.

Image of a laptop with the RemoteLog home screen displayed

LogOn Telematics

Onsite access to telematics. Using a secure WiFi hot spot, users can easily access detailed machine data and diagnostic tools at the worksite with LogOn.

Virtual Operator Training

Keep your fleet of machines producing at full capacity while you train new operators virtually. The Tigercat Simulator provides a virtual cut-to-length operator training solution with an ultra-realistic operating environment. The advanced system is capable of simulating the controls and operation of both the 1075C forwarder and an eight-wheel drive 1165 harvester equipped with the 534 harvesting head.

D7 Control System

Get the most out of your Tigercat harvesting head. The Tigercat D7 Control System combines a solid and field proven hardware and bucking control system with a Tigercat developed head control and user interface. The system offers powerful functionality, simplicity and intuitive operator navigation.

Tigercat D7 screen inside the 1165 cab

D5 Control System

The Tigercat D5 control system combines field-proven hardware and bucking control with a Tigercat-developed user interface and head control. D5 navigation is simple and intuitive. Monitor your harvesting head to ensure maximum productivity with Tigercat D5.

ER Technology

ER technology allows the operator to actuate the boom with optimal hydraulic efficiency. Extend and retract on a horizontal plane quickly and smoothly with a single joystick.


With Turnaround, the operator drives blade-forward or grapple-forward with full control of all functions. The full speed range and maximum tractive effort are available in both directions. Used to its full potential, Turnaround expands the capabilities of the skidder. Imagine what Turnaround can do for you.


Speed and tractive effort. Have it all with WideRANGE, Tigercat’s infinitely variable transmission.


Tigercat’s low-wide bunk system for log forwarders is unique to the industry. The bunks are angled to reduce overall gate height and to eliminate the need for a vertical sliding gate.