Say good bye to the two-speed gearbox and have it all with WideRange. The entire speed range is always available allowing the operator to travel in tough terrain more quickly. Only Tigercat offers WideRange, the infinitely variable transmission for forestry equipment and extreme duty off road prime movers.

WideRange for drive-to-tree-feller bunchers

Drive-to-tree feller bunchers spend a great percentage of the total duty cycle driving – to the next tree or to and from the bunch pile. WideRange drive allows the feller buncher operator to travel from tree to tree and to and from the bunch piles more quickly than machines equipped with a conventional two-speed manual shift transmission. (All competing feller bunchers use two-speed transmissions.) With WideRange full tractive effort is always available when the going gets tough. In addition, Tigercat operators always have command of the full speed range from 0-16 km/h (0-10 mph).* It’s the best of both worlds.

*724G with 30.5×32 tires; top speed varies depending on model and tires)

Perfectly matched to the 724G

With high engine horsepower and a large saw pump, the 724G has lightning quick saw recovery – ensuring that the machine is ready to cut the next tree before the operator is. So the only way for the crack operator to further improve productivity is to reduce travel time. Quicker travel boosts productivity and reduces cost per tonne in high production thinning and final fell applications.

Tigercat 1085B forwarder with low-wide bunk system

WideRange for forwarders

The 25 tonne capacity Tigercat 1085C forwarder is WideRange equipped. Sure, the top speed is lower than other forwarders, equipped with a traditional forwarder transmission. However, in the most extreme conditions, the 1085C more than makes up for it. The 1085C has more tractive effort and achieves higher working speeds on steep slopes. And carries larger loads than any other forwarder. No forwarder will move wood uphill like a WideRange equipped 1085C.

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WideRange, the infinitely variable transmission for drive-to-tree feller bunchers, allows the operator to travel from tree to tree and to and from piles more quickly than machines equipped with a two-speed manual shift transmission.


JMG Fillion is proud to own the very first Tigercat 25-tonne 1085B forwarder ever built. BTB followed up with the Fillion family in northern Quebec to see how the new machine was working out for them.

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