The 880D is purpose-built to eliminate the design compromises found in excavator conversions. The upper frame assembly and undercarriage are designed for full forest duty.

One machine. Three jobs. The 880D can be configured as a loader with various power clam and butt-n-top grapple options. The boom geometry and cab positioning provide unmatched right-hand side visibility. Equipped with a live heel boom system, the 880 is a highly capable shovel logger with excellent stability, tractive effort and swing torque. The 880 can also be configured as high capacity processor capable of running large harvesting heads in demanding duty cycles.

Some of the many advantages of the 880D over excavator conversions include higher cooling capacity, a better operating environment, stronger undercarriage components and extremely efficient hydraulic circuits. The result is higher production, uptime and fuel efficiency for lower operating cost per tonne.

Tigercat power. Tigercat support.

The 880D loader is Tigercat FPT Tier 2 or Tier 4f powered. Tier 4f conforms to the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe. With the Tier 2 engine configuration, Tigercat brings the benefits of Tigercat power and support to harvesting professionals around the world. Learn more about Tigercat FPT

Key Benefits

  • Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 2 or Tier 4f emissions compliance – clean, powerful and efficient; fully supported by Tigercat
  • High horsepower engine significantly increases machine productivity and travel speed relative to excavator conversions without compromising fuel efficiency
  • Dedicated swing pump – reserves all main hydraulic pump flow for boom and attachment functions, increasing speed and productivity
  • Energy recovery swing system – closed loop drive feeds power back to the engine as swing decelerates, reducing heat and fuel consumption and recovering energy for other machine functions
  • Large diameter swing bearing with twin swing drives for high torque and long life
  • Power operated side door and clamshell-style roof enclosure for excellent access to major components and daily service points
  • Clamshell-style roof enclosure with swing-out doors on both sides for excellent access to major components and daily service points
  • Super-duty Tigercat-built FH400 forestry undercarriage 
  • High illumination LED lighting – low glare, daylight working conditions for high nightshift productivity, reduced operator fatigue
  • High capacity cooling system – automatic variable speed for improved fuel efficiency; automatic reversing cycle to purge dust and debris
  • Full length front window and additional floor windows for clear sightline to the tracks


Tigercat 880D Logger
Colin Wroe, Whisker Harvesting: 880D in New Zealand


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  • 880D logger debuts at DEMO 2016

    The 880D supersedes the highly successful Tigercat 880 -- a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for loading, shovel logging or processing.

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Show measurements as:
WIDTH with steps (metric)3 630 mm
SHIPPING HEIGHT (metric)3 430 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE (metric)710 mm
WEIGHT less attachment (metric)42 640 kg
TAIL SWING over side (metric)1 700 mm
TAIL SWING over rear (metric)3 500 mm
ENGINE Tier 4fTigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f 212 kW (285 hp) @ 2200 rpm (rated) 230 kW (308 hp) @ 2000 rpm (peak)
ENGINE Tier 2Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2 205 kW (275 hp) @ 2100 rpm (rated) 230 kW (308 hp) @ 2000 rpm (peak)
AIR FILTRATIONPrecleaner, 2-stage engine air cleaner
COOLINGSide-by-side aluminum radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler and A/C condenser
COOLING, OptionalRemovable intake debris screen
FANHydraulic driven automatic variable speed, reversible
FUEL CAPACITY (metric)1 000 L
FUEL CAPACITY Tier 2 (metric)1 300 L
DEF CAPACITY Tier 4f (metric)80 L
LOW RANGE (metric)2,3 km/h
HIGH RANGE (metric)4,5 km/h
PUMP, MAINPiston, load sensing
PUMP, SWINGPiston, closed loop, energy recovery
PUMP, ATTACHMENTPiston, load sensing
FILTRATION(5) Spin-on, 7 micron full flow (1) water absorbing
CYLINDERS, HOIST(2) 150 mm (5.9 in) bore
CYLINDER, STICK170 mm (6.7 in) bore
CYLINDER, TILT110 mm (4.3 in) bore
CYLINDER, LIVE HEEL130 mm (5.2 in) bore
HORSEPOWER CONTROLElectronic speed sensing
RESERVOIR (metric)225 L
TRACK FRAMESF7-163 heavy duty forestry Integral track guides, ramp angles
TRACK CHAINFH400 215 mm (8.5 in) pitch
FINAL DRIVE(2) Axial piston motors Infinitely variable speed
TRACTIVE EFFORT (metric)334 kN
TRACKFriction disc Automatic spring applied, hydraulic release
SWINGFriction disc Manual spring applied, hydraulic release
SWING DRIVE6,4 rpm variable speed 360° continuous rotation Double reduction, twin swing drive planetary gearboxes Twin piston swing motors
SWING BEARING1 575 mm (62 in) ball circle diameter
ENCLOSUREHydraulically operated roof and side engine enclosure with manual backup Large air intake for cooling system Vandal protection Smooth exterior
MAXIMUM RADIUS (metric)11 355 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)7 620 kg
MAXIMUM RADIUS (metric)11 660 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)6 990 kg
MAXIMUM RADIUS (metric)12 650 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)5 580 kg
BATTERY(2) 12 v
ALTERNATOR110 amp, 24 v
LIGHTING(12) Hight output LED (5) LED service, engine enclosure
CABInsulated and pressurized A/C, heater and defroster Full length polycarbonate windshield Polycarbonate side, rear, door and floor windows AM/FM digital stereo with CD player (2) Power points
SEATFull suspension air ride, fully adjustable Armrest mounted Tigercat joysticks
OPERATOR CONTROLSHydraulic proportional boom/travel/swing Electronic for horsepower/fan control Electric switch for swing brake/speed Electronic control system with colour LCD display screen interface for machine monitoring and function adjustment
STANDARDFuel suction strainer Alarm for track movement Load ticket chute
OPTIONALCold weather kit High view cab mounted camera system Heavy duty stick cylinder guard Jaw/tilt control swap Butt-n-top tilt float Long reach butt-n-top stick boom Slasher saw hydraulics RemoteLog™ telematics system