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Tigercat T726G street trencher

T726G Street Trencher

The Tigercat T726G street trencher is specially designed to cut asphalt and steel-reinforced concrete road surfaces. The attachment trenches below grade, pulverizing the material and backfilling in one pass. The T726G trencher is the first stage machine for utility line installation for gas distribution and water distribution utilities.

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Access under-road utilities quickly and efficiently with the Tigercat T726G utility trencher.

With a single machine and one operator, the Tigercat T726G street trencher combines several distinct operations into a single step. As the pavement is cut, the drum simultaneously trenches below grade and crushes the surface material into a mixture suitable for backfill. The T726G is proving to be a key machine for utility construction contractors.

No disposal costs

All costs associated with hauling and disposing of large chunks asphalt or concrete are eliminated, along with dump trucks and excavators on site.

No backfill required

Because the machine backfills the trench as it cuts, traffic is able to cross the job site sooner and without the need for additional materials such as steel plating. No additional backfill is required.

Tigercat build quality

Street trenching is a demanding, high duty cycle application. The Tigercat carrier is specially designed to handle the task — with the required power for high productivity and the durability to withstand the associated forces and vibration.

Tigercat power. Tigercat support.

The T726G street trencher is Tier 4f powered. Tier 4f conforms to the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe. Best of all, Tigercat FPT engines are fully supported by Tigercat and the Tigercat dealer network.

Contact StreetWorksUS, the North American distributor of the T726G street trencher.

Key Benefits

  • Tigercat FPT C87 engine with Tier 4f emissions compliance – clean, powerful and efficient; fully supported by Tigercat
  • High capacity cross-flow cooling – automatic variable speed for improved fuel efficiency; automatic reversing cycle to purge dust and debris
  • Industry leading operator’s station. Large and well finished with excellent visibility and a refined climate control system.
  • Extremely durable design and construction with heavy duty front chassis and boom system and strong, well-guarded cylinders
  • Super-durable, long-life centre section is constructed with thick steel plate, large diameter pins and tapered roller bearings
  • Clear access to engine, hydraulic components, filters and other service points for painless maintenance routines


Video: Street Trenchers in Long Island
Tigercat street trenchers opening up the mean streets of Long Island with both asphalt and reinforced concrete road surfaces and strata. Find out from our customers why the T726G trencher is an asset and a key piece of equipment in utility infrastructure installation applications such as underground water main, electricity and gas lines. Download in HD


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Show measurements as:
LENGTH8 180 mm
WIDTH2 540 mm
HEIGHT3 355 mm
WEIGHT16 375 kg
ENGINE Tier 4fTigercat FPT C87 Tier 4f, 275 kW (370hp) @ 1800rpm
AIR FILTRATIONPrecleaner and 2-stage engine air cleaner
COOLINGCross-flow; side-by-side aluminum radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler and A/C condenser
FANHydraulically driven automatic variable speed with automatic reversing cycle
TRANSMISSIONTigercat WideRange® drive
Variable speed hydrostatic
(2) Piston motors, infinitely variable
AXLESTigercat IB15 inboard planetary, barrel differential
Front fixed, rear oscillating +/- 15 deg
FILTRATION(6) Spin-on, 7 micron full flow
CYLINDERS, STEER(2) 75 mm (3 in) bore
CYLINDERS, BOOM(4) 115 mm (4.5 in) bore lift and tilt
SECONDARY BRAKESEnclosed, oil cooled
PARK BRAKEDriveline mounted wet disc
Spring applied, hydraulic release
STANDARD20.5R25 tires
CABInsulated, pressurized and isolation mounted
Forward sloping tinted tempered glass windshield
(2) doors with sliding tempered glass windows
A/C, heater, defroster and cab pressurizer
Blue Tooth, hands-free calling, AM/FM digital
stereo with CD player, 12 v power port, 24 v lighter
SEATAir ride suspension, fully adjustable with angled
mounting; armrest-mounted joystick
OPERATOR CONTROLSHydraulic pilot joystick for boom
Tilt steering wheel
Electronic pedal (1) for travel
Lever (1) for travel direction and speed control
STANDARDDrums available from 460 - 1 220 mm (18 - 48 in) wide
STANDARDBack-up alarm
Rear camera
Low fuel light, fuel gauge
Internal and external rear view mirrors
Front windshield wiper
Diesel-powered cold weather aids
Hydraulic reservoir hand fill pump
Air compressor with 29 L (13 US gal) tank capacity
Road lights, turn signals, 4-way flashers and headlights
LED light package, flashing beacon lights (front/rear)
1 155 L (305 US gal) water tank
Fire extinguisher, fire detection system