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630H Silviculture Utility Carrier

Post harvest silviculture preparation. Watch a Tigercat 630H utility carrier preparing land for replanting in Mexico.

760B Mulcher Post-harvest in South Africa

Watch a Tigercat 760B mulcher working in a high production, single-pass silviculture application. The machine is preparing a recently harvested cut block for replanting. This includes the reduction of all stumps, tops, and branches to a level that allows the replanting teams to come in and immediately pit and plant. An efficient way to prepare harvested blocks for replanting.

480B Mulcher Silviculture and Site Prep

In October 2019, Tigercat and Australian dealer, Onetrak, were involved in a series of mulching trials in the Bago State Forest, NSW. This silviculture trial turned out to be significant in the wake of the devastating bushfires that followed a few months later. Watch to learn more.

Silviculture Machines

Silviculture contractor Donald Robbins talks about his newest Tigercat off road utility carrier that he has equipped with herbicide spraying equipment to promote improved growth rates in new pine plantations.

M726E Mulcher Post Harvest Site Prep

The M726E mulcher preparing a block for replanting in Mexico. Mulching has several advantages over burning. It is environmentally friendly, returns nutrients to the soil, and the mulched material helps to control vegetation growth.

1075B Scarifier in Sweden

A Tigercat 1075B forwarder base carrier equipped as a scarifier. This 1075B scarifier is operating in Sweden in tough, rock strewn terrain. Durable Tigercat forwarders are ideal carriers for heavy duty cycle scarification applications.