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H822E Harvester in Quebec

Watch the Tigercat H822E harvester equipped with the Tigercat 570 harvesting head felling and processing mixed wood in the Lanaudière region of Quebec.

1165 Harvester Walk-around

Wheel harvester product manager, Trevor Scott takes us on a walk-around of the 1165 harvester. Watch to learn about the key benefits of owning a Tigercat 1165 harvester.

570 Harvesting Head in Australia

Watch an H845E harvester equipped with the Tigercat 570 harvesting head owned by Fielding Logging and working in Australia. The machine is harvesting Eucalyptus nitens pulpwood. The trees are felled, debarked, and crosscut.

568 Harvesting Head Walk-around

In this video, Tigercat product designer, Geoff Hofsink takes us on a walk-around of the 568 harvesting head. Learn about the key benefits of owning and operating the Tigercat 568 harvesting attachment.

1165 Harvester in Sweden

Tigercat 1165 harvester along with a 1075C forwarder working in Sweden.

850 Processor Walk-around

Tigercat product manager, Aaron Wilkes takes us on a walk-around of the 850 processor. Learn about the key features that set the Tigercat 850 roadside processor apart from excavator conversions.

LH822D Harvester with 570 Harvesting Head

Watch the LH822D harvester equipped with the Tigercat 570 harvesting head. The machine is selective harvesting heavily limbed douglas fir, larch and pine with poor stem form on rolling terrain in Montana.

LH822D with 575 Bushfire Salvage

Watch the LH822D equipped with a 575 harvesting head. This unit has the 8,2 metre (27 ft) boom option for better stability and lift capacity. It is working in the Green Hills region of southern NSW where approximately 52 000 hectares (128,500 acres) of plantation Radiata pine was damaged by bushfires in 2020.

1185 Harvester with 570 Harvesting Head

Watch a video of the Tigercat 1185 harvester and 570 harvesting head in Tumbarumba, Australia.

Roadside Processing with the 850 and 568

Watch the 850 processor equipped with the 568 operating cliffside in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The 850/568 package provides contractors with an all-Tigercat roadside processing solution.

LH822D Harvester in Oregon

Watch an LH822D harvester owned by Bryant Logging operating in Oregon.

Roadside Processing in Georgia

Harry Sanders talks about optimizing logs and multiple sorts. Learn how Harry is getting the job done with a Tigercat H250D processor coupled with the Tigercat 575 harvesting head.

Colin Wroe 880D Impressions

Colin Wroe of Whisker Harvesting in New Zealand discusses his experience with the company’s new 880D logger in a roadside processing application.

H822D Harvester in Maine

Watch a Tigercat H822D harvester operating in a selective thinning application in Maine.

PG Bison Pine CTL

PG Bison was one of the customers featured in the 2012 film ’20’ that coincided with Tigercat’s 20th anniversary. Watch one of the company’s Tigercat CTL systems in 2016.

LH855D Harvester in Utah

A Tigercat LH855D roadside processing cold decks is a key ingredient to Michael Roundy’s new thinning system in Utah’s beautiful Dixie National Forest.

880 Logger in New Zealand

A Tigercat 880 logger processing 2-3 tonne Radiata pine in New Zealand.

H855C and 575: Get-R-Done

The roadside processing operation of Get-R-Done in Saskatchewan. Two Tigercat H855C harvesters equipped with 575 harvesting heads processing crooked, limbed poplar.

Tigercat H855C with 575 harvesting head

Tigercat H855C carrier with the 575 harvesting head processing spruce in North Saskatchewan on the operation of Almar Limbing.