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Gerardo Giroz, A Life Dedicated to Steep Slope Logging

Tigercat traveled to central Chile to talk to Gerardo Giroz – owner of Forestal Corte Alto – and see how Tigercat machines are key to his logging operations. Meeting harvesting targets on the steep slopes common to the Chilean geography is no easy task. Gerardo has found Tigercat and Latin Equipment to be reliable partners and fundamental pillars to help his company excel in safer and more productive logging operations.

Lowland Logging with the C640H Clambunk

Watch a Tigercat C640H clambunk skidder working long pull distances on a bottomland tract near Rocky Ford, Georgia. The rear bogie axle provide increased flotation and a smooth ride.

635H Swing Boom in Action

Watch a 635H swing boom skidder working winch-assisted on steep terrain at a logging operation near Lumby, British Columbia. The rear bogie axle provides improved traction and operator comfort.

swing boom bogie skidder on steep slope

630H Skidder in Georgia

Watch the Tigercat 630H skidder working in Georgia. On this job site, the skidder uses a delimbing gate before pulling to the landing.

632H Skidder in Oklahoma

Watch video of the prototype 632H skidder working on the job site of Chris Gibson Logging LLC in Oklahoma.

H-Series Seat and Controls

Skidder product manager, Jeremy Piercy covers the H-series joystick controls and the new 220° Turnaround® seat system. The increased rotation envelope, along with full machine controls that rotate with the seat, offer improved ergonomics and expanded possibilities for H-series skidder operators.

Six-wheel Skidders Lowland Logging

635G and C640E skidders working in the hardwood lowlands of coastal North Carolina.

Steep Slope Harvesting in Chile

Watch Tigercat six-wheel drive skidders and leveling shovel loggers working on cable assist logging operations in Chile.

C640E Clambunk with S860C Shovel Logger

Tigercat C640E clambunk skidder working with an S860C shovel logger on log mats in a lowland logging operation. Massive drags delivered to a 250D loader at roadside.

Acacia Harvesting System

A Tigercat 724E feller buncher and 630D skidder feeding a chipper at roadside in an acacia plantation in 2016. This is one of two identical harvesting systems working on remote Melville island, 60 km north of Darwin, Australia. 

Clambunk Skidder and Shovel Logger

A Tigercat S860C shovel logger loading a C640 clambunk skidder in a Georgia lowland logging application.

DW610E Skidder in the French Alps

A Tigercat DW610E dual winch skidder equipped with a Palfinger crane. Selective thinning high value timber in the French Alps.

630E Skidder with Turnaround

Watch a Tigercat 630E skidder operating in western Alberta. The operator makes excellent use of Turnaround.

Eucalyptus Full-tree System

ExpoForest 2014 in Brazil. A eucalyptus full-tree harvesting system in a plantation with 0,18 m³ piece size. Tigercat 860C feller buncher with the 5300 series bunching saw, Tigercat 635D skidder and T250B loader with a grapple saw.

Douglas Logging 635D bogie skidder

Douglas Logging on the North Island puts the Tigercat 635D skidder through its paces, pulling heavy Radiata on steep ground.

KBM Chile Infield Chipping

A KBM in-field eucalyptus chipping operation in Chile, 2013. 860C feller buncher and two 630D skidders.

Tigercat and Klabin

Klabin’s Parana operations featuring the L870C buncher, LS855C shovel logger and 625C skidder. Watch the machines fell, shovel and skid large eucalyptus to roadside in this ultra-high production application.