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1055C Forwarder in Sweden

Watch the Tigercat 1055C forwarder working on a thinning application in Sweden. The 1055C is a heavy duty 14-tonne forwarder for selective felling, final felling and biomass applications.

1075C Forwarder in Sweden

Watch the Tigercat 1075C forwarder working in Sweden. The 1075C is a 20-tonne extreme duty forwarder designed for high production in demanding terrain.

Forwarder Walk-around

Forwarder product manager, Rob Archibald takes us on a walk-around of the three forwarder models, covering the 1055C, 1075C, and 1085C. Watch to learn about the key benefits of owning a Tigercat forwarder.

Jock Haris, High Country Logging

Jock Haris of High Country Logging in Australia discusses his all-Tigercat fleet of cut-to-length machines. Jock states that the C-series forwarders with Tigercat cranes represent one of the greatest step changes in production that he has ever observed.

Video thumbnail: Portrait of Jock Harris looking over his job site.

1085C Forwarder in Quebec

Watch a 1085C forwarder in action. Owned to Jocelyn Gagne of MULTI 2P Inc. and operating near Chibougamau, Quebec.

PG Bison Pine CTL

PG Bison was one of the customers featured in the 2012 film ’20’ that coincided with Tigercat’s 20th anniversary. Watch one of the company’s Tigercat CTL systems in 2016.

Muskett’s Pine Harvesting System, Tasmania

An all-Tigercat pine harvesting system owned by B.R. & K.F. Muskett & Sons. The three-machine system working in the southern part of Tasmania in 2016 consists of an L830C feller buncher, LH855C harvester processing infield and a 1075B forwarder equipped with a Tigercat crane and grapple.

1075B Scarifier in Sweden

A Tigercat 1075B forwarder base carrier equipped as a scarifier. This 1075B scarifier is operating in Sweden in tough, rock strewn terrain. Durable Tigercat forwarders are ideal carriers for heavy duty cycle scarification applications.

1055B and 1075B Forwarders in Sweden

Tigercat 1055B and 1075B forwarders operating on the job of Mats Danielsson, owner of MD Skog AB, based in Borlänge Sweden.

1085B Forwarder with low-wide

A Tigercat 1085B forwarder equipped with the low-wide bunk system, Tigercat hooked crane and FG43 grapple. Operating in steep terrain in British Columbia,  the logs are at minimum one tonne to the cubic metre, making for some very hefty loads.

1085B low-wide with Hooked Crane

The 25-tonne capacity Tigercat 1085B forwarder with the low-wide bunk system and the F195T85 hooked crane in Quebec, Canada.

1055B with Breson Brush Compactor

Watch the Tigercat 1055B forwarder equipped with Breson brush compactor extracting biomass from a harvested cut block in Sweden.