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Shovel Logger Training in Chile

Tigercat talks to Francisco Sandoval, a shovel logger instructor from Chile, to learn more about a novel logging training program and how Tigercat machines have become a valuable learning tool for future Chilean machine operators.

Gerardo Giroz, A Life Dedicated to Steep Slope Logging

Tigercat traveled to central Chile to talk to Gerardo Giroz – owner of Forestal Corte Alto – and see how Tigercat machines are key to his logging operations. Meeting harvesting targets on the steep slopes common to the Chilean geography is no easy task. Gerardo has found Tigercat and Latin Equipment to be reliable partners and fundamental pillars to help his company excel in safer and more productive logging operations.

LSX870D Shovel Logger in BC

Watch the Tigercat LSX870D shovel logger equipped with an SC08 shovel clam grapple shovelling in hilly terrain in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

890 Loggers on Vancouver Island

Tigercat 890 loggers shovel logging and processing on British Columbia’s beautiful Vancouver Island.

890 Video thumbnail: the words 890 Logger, Vancouver Island span across an image of mountains

LS855E Shovel Loggers in Oregon

Two Tigercat LS855E shovel loggers working on steep slopes at the PLC live demo in Oregon. One machine is equipped with a shovel logger boom and grapple and the second machine with a feller director boom and the 5195 directional felling saw.

Steep Slope Harvesting in Chile

Watch Tigercat six-wheel drive skidders and leveling shovel loggers working on cable assist logging operations in Chile.

880D Logger West Coast

Watch the 880D logger in a west coast shovel logging application. Steep terrain and big timber.

LS855D with 5195 Directional Felling Saw

The Tigercat LS855D shovel logger equipped with the the 5195 directional felling saw. The machine is felling and pre-bunching oversize timber in a steep slope application with rocks, benches, drop-offs and massive old growth stumps.

Tigercat at DEMO International 2016

Watch the Tigercat live demonstrations at DEMO International 2016. Beautiful close-up imagery of all the action. This is west coast-style, big timber, steep slope logging at its best.

C640E Clambunk with S860C Shovel Logger

Tigercat C640E clambunk skidder working with an S860C shovel logger on log mats in a lowland logging operation. Massive drags delivered to a 250D loader at roadside.

5195 Directional Felling Saw

Watch the Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw in a sensitive selective felling application in NSW, Australia.

Clambunk Skidder and Shovel Logger

A Tigercat S860C shovel logger loading a C640 clambunk skidder in a Georgia lowland logging application.

5195 in Tasmania

A Tigercat LS855C shovel logger equipped with the Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw operating in Tasmania, Australia.

5185 Fixed Felling Saw in Tasmania

The 5185 fixed felling saw felling large diameter pine in Tasmania. The powerful grapple and 340 degree wrist provide excellent control, minimizing damage to the high value timber. 

Krume Logging Cable Assist Trial

Krume Logging tests its fully automated cable assist logging system in 2015. The Tigercat LS855C shovel logger equipped with the 5195 directional felling head is felling and bunching on a 60% slope that steepens to 80% near the bottom.

5195 Directional Felling Saw in Virginia

Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw cutting and bunching large hardwood in Virginia.

880 Logger in Pacific Northwest

The Tigercat 880 logger in a high production shovel logging application in western Washington.

Tigercat and Klabin

Klabin’s Parana operations featuring the L870C buncher, LS855C shovel logger and 625C skidder. Watch the machines fell, shovel and skid large eucalyptus to roadside in this ultra-high production application.