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LX830E Feller Buncher

Watch the Tigercat LX830E feller buncher tethered on a steep slope logging application in Washington state.

822E Feller Buncher

Watch the Tigercat 822E feller buncher equipped with a 5702 felling saw operating in Quebec, Canada.

LX830D with 5185

Watch Trevor Haywood’s LX830D feller buncher equipped with 5185 fixed felling saw. Trevor uses the machine to fell, limb, shovel, and pre-bunch for the skidders.

855E Feller Bunchers

Watch Tigercat 855E track feller bunchers operating on two different job sites in North Carolina. Both machines are working in soft soil applications.

822D Feller Buncher Lowland Logging

The Tigercat 822D feller buncher equipped for high flotation in a North Carolina lowland logging hardwood operation.

LX870D Feller Bunchers in Washington

Watch Tigercat LX870D feller bunchers operating in Washington with and without cable assist logging systems. Steep slopes, varied terrain and stem sizes.

Thomas Logging All Tigercat

Watch the all-Tigercat harvesting system owned by Thomas Logging in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Muskett’s Pine Harvesting System, Tasmania

An all-Tigercat pine harvesting system owned by B.R. & K.F. Muskett & Sons. The three-machine system working in the southern part of Tasmania in 2016 consists of an L830C feller buncher, LH855C harvester processing infield and a 1075B forwarder equipped with a Tigercat crane and grapple.

LX830D Feller Buncher in Oregon

The Tigercat LX830D feller buncher equipped with a 5702 felling saw operating in Oregon.

5185 Fixed Felling Saw in Tasmania

The 5185 fixed felling saw felling large diameter pine in Tasmania. The powerful grapple and 340 degree wrist provide excellent control, minimizing damage to the high value timber. 

Eucalyptus Full-tree System

ExpoForest 2014 in Brazil. A eucalyptus full-tree harvesting system in a plantation with 0,18 m³ piece size. Tigercat 860C feller buncher with the 5300 series bunching saw, Tigercat 635D skidder and T250B loader with a grapple saw.

KBM Chile Infield Chipping

A KBM in-field eucalyptus chipping operation in Chile, 2013. 860C feller buncher and two 630D skidders.

Tigercat and Klabin

Klabin’s Parana operations featuring the L870C buncher, LS855C shovel logger and 625C skidder. Watch the machines fell, shovel and skid large eucalyptus to roadside in this ultra-high production application.