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Tigercat 568 triangulated harvesting head

568 Harvesting Head

The Tigercat 568 is a robust, productive four-wheel drive harvesting head specifically designed to match the high performance capabilities of Tigercat carriers.  

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With timed knife arms and triangulated wheel arms, the 568 can quickly pick and maintain positive tree contact and control. The patented 4WD – 2WD auto-shift drive system provides extra power and positive grip when feeding large trees, fast speed in smaller trees, and full manual control when needed. The floating front knife and fixed back knife ensure good quality delimbing. Single or dual-track measuring wheels with a horizontally pivoting trailing-arm design, along with priority-flow length measuring, provide superior length accuracy.

Optimized harvester head hydraulics maximize performance and efficiency, while robust, high quality components provide long term reliability. Large diameter hoses and large capacity valves provide ample strength to match the greater hydraulic flow and power of Tigercat carriers.

Pair the 568 harvesting head with the 850 processor for an all-Tigercat roadside processing solution.

Key Benefits

  • Robust design, high quality components for high duty cycles and long life
  • Optimized hydraulics to match the power of Tigercat harvester carriers
  • Precise diameter and length measuring
  • Efficient hydraulics for high performance, efficiency and improved carrier component life
  • Timed knife arms and triangulated wheel arms improve timing for fast picking when processing


850/568 Roadside Processing Video
The highly anticipated 850 processor equipped with the robust 568 harvesting head operating cliffside in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The 850/568 package provides contractors with an all-Tigercat roadside processing solution. Download in HD


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