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H822D Harvester in Maine

Watch a Tigercat H822D harvester operating in a selective thinning application in Maine.

Tigercat – Tidewater Demo, May 2017

Watch highlights of the second annual Tidewater Demo Day held outside Valdosta, Georgia in May 2017.

480B Mulcher with Prototype 4061 Mulching Head

The Tigercat 480B mulcher equipped with the prototype 4061 mulching head operating in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Logging All Tigercat

Watch the all-Tigercat harvesting system owned by Thomas Logging in Saskatchewan, Canada.

M726E Mulcher Post Harvest Site Prep

The M726E mulcher preparing a block for replanting in Mexico. Mulching has several advantages over burning. It is environmentally friendly, returns nutrients to the soil, and the mulched material helps to control vegetation growth.

880D Logger West Coast

Watch the 880D logger in a west coast shovel logging application. Steep terrain and big timber.

LS855D with 5195 Directional Felling Saw

The Tigercat LS855D shovel logger equipped with the the 5195 directional felling saw. The machine is felling and pre-bunching oversize timber in a steep slope application with rocks, benches, drop-offs and massive old growth stumps.

Tigercat at DEMO International 2016

Watch the Tigercat live demonstrations at DEMO International 2016. Beautiful close-up imagery of all the action. This is west coast-style, big timber, steep slope logging at its best.

C640E Clambunk with S860C Shovel Logger

Tigercat C640E clambunk skidder working with an S860C shovel logger on log mats in a lowland logging operation. Massive drags delivered to a 250D loader at roadside.

724G Feller Buncher in Georgia

A Tigercat 724G drive-to-tree feller buncher equipped with a 5702 felling saw harvesting large hardwood in Georgia.

PG Bison Pine CTL

PG Bison was one of the customers featured in the 2012 film ’20’ that coincided with Tigercat’s 20th anniversary. Watch one of the company’s Tigercat CTL systems in 2016.

LH855D Harvester in Utah

A Tigercat LH855D roadside processing cold decks is a key ingredient to Michael Roundy’s new thinning system in Utah’s beautiful Dixie National Forest.

Muskett’s Pine Harvesting System, Tasmania

An all-Tigercat pine harvesting system owned by B.R. & K.F. Muskett & Sons. The three-machine system working in the southern part of Tasmania in 2016 consists of an L830C feller buncher, LH855C harvester processing infield and a 1075B forwarder equipped with a Tigercat crane and grapple.

5195 Directional Felling Saw

Watch the Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw in a sensitive selective felling application in NSW, Australia.

G-Series Feller Buncher Walk-around

Watch the Tigercat G-series wheel feller buncher walk-around to find out about how Tigercat has engineered the 720G, 724G and 726G for maximum productivity, uptime, longevity and operator comfort.

Acacia Harvesting System

A Tigercat 724E feller buncher and 630D skidder feeding a chipper at roadside in an acacia plantation in 2016. This is one of two identical harvesting systems working on remote Melville island, 60 km north of Darwin, Australia. 

Clambunk Skidder and Shovel Logger

A Tigercat S860C shovel logger loading a C640 clambunk skidder in a Georgia lowland logging application.

1075B Scarifier in Sweden

A Tigercat 1075B forwarder base carrier equipped as a scarifier. This 1075B scarifier is operating in Sweden in tough, rock strewn terrain. Durable Tigercat forwarders are ideal carriers for heavy duty cycle scarification applications.

5195 in Tasmania

A Tigercat LS855C shovel logger equipped with the Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw operating in Tasmania, Australia.

LX830D Feller Buncher in Oregon

The Tigercat LX830D feller buncher equipped with a 5702 felling saw operating in Oregon.

5185 Fixed Felling Saw in Tasmania

The 5185 fixed felling saw felling large diameter pine in Tasmania. The powerful grapple and 340 degree wrist provide excellent control, minimizing damage to the high value timber. 

234B Loader Walk-around

Learn about the Tigercat 234B loader in this informative walk-around video.

1055B and 1075B Forwarders in Sweden

Tigercat 1055B and 1075B forwarders operating on the job of Mats Danielsson, owner of MD Skog AB, based in Borlänge Sweden.

DW610E Skidder in the French Alps

A Tigercat DW610E dual winch skidder equipped with a Palfinger crane. Selective thinning high value timber in the French Alps.

1085B Forwarder with low-wide

A Tigercat 1085B forwarder equipped with the low-wide bunk system, Tigercat hooked crane and FG43 grapple. Operating in steep terrain in British Columbia,  the logs are at minimum one tonne to the cubic metre, making for some very hefty loads.

Krume Logging Cable Assist Trial

Krume Logging tests its fully automated cable assist logging system in 2015. The Tigercat LS855C shovel logger equipped with the 5195 directional felling head is felling and bunching on a 60% slope that steepens to 80% near the bottom.

1085B low-wide with Hooked Crane

The 25-tonne capacity Tigercat 1085B forwarder with the low-wide bunk system and the F195T85 hooked crane in Quebec, Canada.

5195 Directional Felling Saw in Virginia

Tigercat 5195 directional felling saw cutting and bunching large hardwood in Virginia.

610E Skidder

Watch the compact 610E skidder in action.

630E Skidder with Turnaround

Watch a Tigercat 630E skidder operating in western Alberta. The operator makes excellent use of Turnaround.