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Tigercat LH855E levelling track harvester

LH855E Harvester

The Tigercat LH855E is a durable, reliable, high performance leveling harvester for steep slope harvesting, at-the-stump processing and roadside processing applications in tough terrain.

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Purpose built for demanding harvesting and roadside processing applications, the H855E harvester offers performance and durability advantages over excavator conversions. The result is significantly higher production, greater uptime and better fuel efficiency for lower operating cost per tonne of processed logs.

The FH400 leveling undercarriage has long track frames, a wide stance carbody and super duty leveling components. It all leads to rock-solid stability, poise and operator comfort on steep slopes.

All new operator’s cab

Key to the H855E redesign is the new improved operator’s station. The front door hinge has been redeigned for effortless closing. Narrower side posts offer improved visibility along with skyVIEW and rearVIEW camera systems.

Optimally positioned controls and new larger touch screen display improve ergonomics  and machine monitoring. Reduced noise levels help the operator to better enjoy the auxiliary audio input port, Bluetooth® audio and hands free calling.

ER technology and optimized hydraulics

The new 3-way ER boom system offers increased choice based on operating conditions. With three modes, ER can be actuated or disabled. The new semi-ER mode allows the operator to extend the boom on a horizontal plane using a single joystick but retracts the boom with the increased power of both cylinders, doubling the ER pull force.

The combination of high horsepower and harvester head optimized hydraulics provide the operator with responsive control, quick feed speed and powerful delimbing capability for high performance and productivity.

Tigercat power. Tigercat support.

The H855D harvester is Tigercat FPT Tier 2 or Tier 4f powered. The Tier 4f engine conforms to the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe.

With the Tier 2 engine option, Tigercat brings the benefits of Tigercat power and support to harvesting professionals around the world.

Forest duty construction

The durable design and construction starts with the Tigercat-built forest duty undercarriage and large diameter swing bearing. The upper assembly is built on a thick, one-piece turntable. All weldments are fabricated from high quality steel to resistant impact.


Key Benefits

  • Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 2 or Tier 4f emissions compliance – clean, powerful and efficient; fully supported by Tigercat
  • ER boom technology® improves fuel efficiency, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity
  • Optional long-reach ER® telescopic boom system for reduced travel and ground disturbance
  • Super-duty Tigercat-built FH400 forestry undercarriage 
  • Auto leveling — when the operator holds the level button, the machine automatically levels the upper frame
  • High capacity cooling system – automatic variable speed for improved fuel efficiency; automatic reversing cycle to purge dust and debris
  • Large air intake area at the rear, away from saw discharge, for reduced debris build-up
  • Large front-entry cab – floor to ceiling front windshield with side door access to expansive area behind the seat
  • Clamshell-style roof enclosure with swing-out doors on both sides for excellent access to major components and daily service points
  • Clear access to pumps and valves and engine; far superior to excavator conversions


LH855D harvester in Utah
A Tigercat LH855D roadside processing cold decks is a key ingredient to Michael Roundy's new thinning system in Utah's beautiful Dixie National Forest. Get the full story in Between the Branches issue 43, July 2016, Hot and Cold in Utah. Download in HD


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Show measurements as:
LENGTH less boom (metric)5280 mm
WIDTH (metric)3 430 mm
HEIGHT (metric)3 710 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE (metric)710 mm
WEIGHT less attachment (metric)35 600 kg
TAIL SWING over side (metric)1 360 mm
ENGINE Tier 4fTigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f 210 kW (282 hp) @ 2200 rpm (rated) 210 kW (282 hp) @ 2200 rpm (peak)
ENGINE Tier 2Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2 205 kW (275 hp) @ 2100 rpm (rated) 210 kW (282 hp) @ 2000 rpm (peak)
AIR FILTRATIONPrecleaner and 2-stage engine air cleaner
COOLINGAluminum side by side radiator, oil cooler and charge air cooler Removable intake debris screen
FANHydraulically driven, automatic variable speed, reversible
FUEL CAPACITY (metric)800 L
DEF CAPACITY Tier 4f (metric)80 L
FILTRATION(5) Spin-on, 7 micron full flow (1) Water absorbing
CYLINDERS, HOIST(2) 120 mm (4.7 in) bore
CYLINDER, STICK(2) 120 mm (4.7 in) bore
CYLINDERS, LEVELING(2) 180 mm (7 in) bore
HORSEPOWER CONTROLElectronic speed sensing All-speed antistall
RESERVOIR (metric)225 L
TRACK FRAMESR7-163L super-duty forestry leveling Integral track guides/ramp angles
TRACK CHAINFH400 215 mm (8.5 in) pitch
FINAL DRIVE(2) piston motors with brake valves Infinitely variable speed
TRACTIVE EFFORT (metric)367 kN
TRACKFriction disc Automatic spring applied, hydraulic release
SWINGFriction disc Manual spring applied, hydraulic release
SWING DRIVE8 rpm variable speed 360° continuous rotation Double reduction, twin swing drive planetary gearboxes Twin piston swing motors
SWING BEARING1 190 mm (47 in) ball circle diameter
ENCLOSUREPerforated plate on doors for ventilation Hydraulic operated engine enclosure with manual back-up Vandal protection Smooth exterior Rear air intake for cooling
MAXIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)11 930 mm
MINIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)4 110 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)2 270 kg
MAXIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)9 400 mm
MINIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)3 810 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)5 360 kg
MAXIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)9 850 mm
MINIMUM CUT RADIUS (metric)3 580 mm
BARE PIN LIFT full reach (metric)4 540 kg
BATTERY(2) AGM, 12 v
ALTERNATOR110 amp, 24 v
LIGHTING(14) LED (5) LED service lights, engine enclosure
CABInsulated, pressurized and isolation mounted A/C, heater, defroster SkyVIEW and RearVIEW camera systems Full length polycarbonate windshield/entry door Polycarbonate right and left side windows One-piece polycarbonate side door window with steel guarded upper sliding section for ventilation AM/FM digital stereo and auxiliary input port Bluetooth® audio and hands-free calling; (2) power points
SEATFull suspension air ride, fully adjustable, angled mounting Armrest mounted Tigercat joysticks
OPERATOR CONTROLSHydraulic proportional for boom/travel/swing/rotate with electronic travel speed control limiter Electronic for clamp/accumulating arms/wrist/leveling Electric switch for swing brake/3-way ER/telescopic stick Auto-leveling Electronic control system with colour LCD display screen for machine monitoring and function adjustment
STANDARDFlexible hydraulic system to accept various harvesting heads
STANDARDFuel suction strainer Alarm for track movement
OPTIONALCold weather kit Bolt-on tool box Electric hydraulic oil fill pump RemoteLog™ telematics system