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Tigercat 5702-26 Felling saw attachment. Larger diameter for increased single cut capacity.

5702-26 Felling Saw

Based on the 5702 and for track feller bunchers, the Tigercat 5702-26 felling saw has a larger saw blade and housing for increased single-cut capacity.

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The 5702-26 is designed to fell large diameter timber with a single cut capacity of 585 mm (26 in). Well matched to the Tigercat X870D series feller bunchers, the 5702-26 is well suited to west coast felling applications. In larger sized timber, the wider housing reduces the requirement for double cuts, improving over all feller buncher efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Optimally positioned accumulator and grab arms
  • Robust, cushioned, high pressure Tigercat cylinders for speed, powerful holding force and long life
  • Three wrist options: 30, 110, 340 degree rotation
  • Recessed saw blade and clever guarding reduce the throw angle and deflect chips downward, decreasing saw recovery time
  • Very wide 1 380 mm (54.5 in) throat opening


Video: LX870D feller bunchers, Washington
Tigercat LX870D feller bunchers operating in Washington with and without cable assist logging systems. Varied terrain and stem size with some pretty decent slopes. Download in HD
Show measurements as:
WIDTH (metric)1 840 mm
HEIGHT less skis (metric)2 910 mm
DEPTH (metric)1 940 mm
BASE WEIGHT (metric)2 950 kg
FRONT OPENING (metric)1 380 mm
SINGLE CUT CAPACITY (metric)660 mm
ACCUMULATING AREA, Including blade (metric)0,6 m²
ACCUMULATING ARM90 mm (3.5 in) bore
CLAMP ARM90 mm (3.5 in) bore
340° WRISTHigh torque only
DISC series 741 625 mm (64 in) diameter 1-piece
KERF (metric)64 mm