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5400 Felling Saw

5400 Felling Saw

The Tigercat 5400 felling saw is a strength-to-weight single post felling head for track bunchers. It is a high performer in mixed diameter natural stands.

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With innovative, asymmetrical geometry and a three-arm design, the 5400 felling saw is versatile with the ability to bunch smaller stems or fell large diameter timber, accumulate a number of small trees in parallel alignment, increasing both feller buncher and skidder productivity.

Larger trees, up to 545 mm (22 in) diameter are centered on the butt plate for excellent balance and control. Small diameter trees are accumulated and stored in the offset pocket.

Key Benefits

  • Unique three-arm asymmetric single post design for excellent bunching performance
  • Improves both feller buncher and skidder productivity by increasing number of cut stems per cycle and by laying down tight, parallel aligned skidder bunchers
  • Three wrist options: 30, 110, 340 degree rotation
  • Cushioned cylinders for long life
  • Recessed saw blade and clever guarding reduce the throw angle and deflect chips downward, decreasing saw recovery time


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Show measurements as:
WIDTH (metric)1 560 mm
HEIGHT less skis (metric)2 770 mm
DEPTH (metric)1 740 mm
BASE WEIGHT (metric)2 385 kg
FRONT OPENING (metric)1 070 mm
30˚ WRIST1-cylinder; 127 mm (5 in) bore
340˚ WRIST3-motor drive
110˚ WRIST2-cylinder adjustable; 115 mm (4.5 in) bore
ACCUMULATING/CLAMP ARMS(2) 90 mm (3.5 in) bore
ACCUMULATING/CLAMP ARMS, Optional(2) 95 mm (3.75 in) bore
SINGLE CUT CAPACITY (metric)545 mm
SINGLE CUT CAPACITY imperial)21.5 in
ACCUMULATING AREA (metric)0,34 m²
ACCUMULATING AREA, Including blade (metric)0,46 m²
DISC series 741 370 mm ( 54 in) diameter; 1-piece
KERF57 mm (2.25 in)
TEETH(18) rotatable; Carbide or hardened steel
MOTOR160 cc
BLADE SPEED1,150 rpm
SAW DRIVEDirect drive; Piston motor