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Tigercat 1800 Felling attachment improves system productivity in high volume pulpwood plantation applications. Product sideview image.

1800 Bunching Shear

Tigercat's innovative line of patented bunching shears significantly improves system productivity in high volume pulpwood plantation applications.

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Tigercat bunching shears increase the productivity of the entire harvesting system while reducing cost per tonne. Feller buncher productivity and efficiency improves because more trees are cut per cycle, reducing unnecessary machine travel. Skidder productivity and efficiency improves because the bunches are large, well aligned and easy to pick up.

For pulpwood applications, the bunching shear is a simple, low maintenance, low cost alternative to disc saw felling heads and preferable in rocky or abrasive soil conditions. The 1800 can be fitted to both drive-to-tree and track feller bunchers.

The 1800 is a fast, high capacity bunching shear best suited to small diameter pulpwood and biomass harvesting applications. The optional high pressure smaller bore cylinder provides even quicker shear cycles.

Cutting capacity:

With standard 150 mm (6 in) bore cylinder

Softwood: 460 mm (18 in) Hardwood: 380 mm (15 in)

With optional 115 mm (4.5 in) bore cylinder

Softwood: 355 mm (14 in) Hardwood: 305 mm (12 in)

and efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Twin post design with offset pocket for excellent visibility
  • Deep accumulating pocket places the load closer to the machine for improved stability
  • Identical, hardened shear blades. Can be switched and flipped to balance wear
  • Cushioned cylinders for long life
  • Standard or high rotation wrist options
  • Convenient lubrication points for quick maintenance routines


2000 bunching shear – Williams Timber
The high speed Tigercat 2000 series shear on a 720E feller buncher in a very sandy north Florida pine plantation. The highly productive shear is a low maintenance alternative to a disc saw felling head. Advantages include improved feller buncher fuel economy and lower operating cost, especially in rocky or abrasive conditions. Learn more about the Tigercat bunching shear in the July 2014 issue of Between the Branches, Fast and Efficient. Download in HD Download for mobile
2000 bunching shear – Boland Timber
Tigercat 2000 shear in north Florida on the operation of Boland Timber Co. For a brief history of the Tigercat bunching shear and why it is such a hot commodity in the Florida Gulf Coast, read the Between the Branches article, July 2014, Fast and Efficient. Download in HD Download for mobile


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Show measurements as:
WIDTH 1 420 mm
HEIGHT 2 490 mm
DEPTH 1 730 mm
BASE WEIGHT 2 430 kg
SINGLE CUT CAPACITY 460 mm diameter, softwood
380 mm diameter, hardwood
Optional fast-cycle cylinders 350 mm diameter, softwood
ACCUMULATING CAPACITY (14) trees 15 cm (6 in) diameter
ACCUMULATING/CLAMP ARMS (2) 90 mm (3.5 in) bore, cushioned
SHEAR 150 mm (6 in) bore
Optional fast-cycle 115 mm (4.5 in) bore
340° WRIST 3-motor drive, high torque
SHEAR BLADES (2) identical threaded
Hardened steel