The 5195 directional felling saw is versatile for felling, shovel logging, bunching, stacking and sorting. The 5195 is best suited oversize timber and steep terrain.

Equipped on an LS855D shovel logger, the 5195 can work alone felling and shovel logging. Alternatively it can fell and pre-bunch in conjunction with a skidder or yarding system.


Key Benefits

  • Heavy duty reinforced chassis and arms
  • Dual cylinder arm design for maximum control and superior grip for larger trees or bunches
  • Durable and simple Tigercat saw unit
  • Continuous rotation, high capacity rotator for superior positioning control when felling and shoveling
  • Custom in-cab head control for Tigercat carriers; settings can be optimized to suit the operator and application
  • Easily serviced with quick bar and chain changes


LS855D with 5195 directional felling saw
LS855C with 5195 directional felling saw in Virginia


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Show measurements as:
WIDTH arms open (metric)2 020 mm
HEIGHT to boom pin (metric)2 045 mm
DEPTH arms open (metric)1 945 mm
WEIGHT (metric)2 610 kg
MAXIMUM OPENING (metric)1 380 mm
GRAPPLE CAPACITY (metric)0,56 m²
GRAPPLE ARMS(2) 95 mm (3.75 in) bore, cushioned
TILT(2) 70 mm (2.75 in) bore
ROTATE BEARINGHigh capacity, 360° continuous rotation External pinion drive Hydraulic braking control
CHAIN OIL CAPACITY23 L (6 US gal) filtered
BAR standard, MAXIMUM CUT (metric)950 mm
BAR (metric)1 140 mm